Experts in water remineralization

New book: Remineralisation of desalinated waters

New handbook for the design and operation of up-flow limestone contactors of constant height.

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Quarterly Bulletin, Number 68, November 2017

-New book on Remineralisation of desalinated waters
-Algae growth in limestone beds due to in sight glasses
-Tablets of CA(OH)2 for remineralisation
-EDR membrane cleaning tests with ultrasound and air

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Granadilla (Tenerife) desalination plant

The desalination station of Granadilla has been constructed to satisfy the demand of water in the region of Abona (Tenerife). This new EDAM uses reverse osmosis technology to produce high quality water with remarkable energy efficiency. Drintec ™ has been responsible for the remineralization, which is displayed in the following video (minute...

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