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Pipe underdrain with filtering limpets

The hydraulic configuration of the DrinTec™ pipe underdrain has been obtained using a mathematical simulation program specially developed for this purpose. This simulation has been validated with different field experiments.

The underdrain consists of three elements:

  1. The central distributor.
  2. The horizontal pipes with boreholes at different height.
  3. The filtering limpets.

The filtering limpets have slots of 0,25 mm. This guaranties a good protection against particles entry.

The underdrain has been designed also to inject water and air under the filtering bed. The special insertion of the risers inside the central distributor allows for an air cushion to built on the upper part of the distributor before air moves into all the riser and then into the horizontal pipes.

The horizontal pipes have only very small holes on the upper side. Thus air advances along on the top part of the horizontal pipe, building a large air cushion all along the pipe. After the cushion has been formed air begins to leave through the side holes. Larger holes are located further down from the vertical. These allow for water distribution below the air cushion.When only water is injected through the underdrain, water leaves the pipe through all the three level of holes.

The filtering limpets are machine soldered on top of each holes. They act as microfilter for the hole preventing the entry of particles into the pipe.

The pipe underdrains are manufactured in HDPE or PVC depending on the needs of the project. These materials ensure complete protection in aggressive environments such as desalinated water. DrinTec™ underdrains adapt both to circular and rectangular surfaces.

The pipe underdrain are very price competitive comparing with other underdrain solutions available on the market.

Video of underdrain floors running:

Another video on how to install underdrain floors:

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DrinTec™ pipe underdrains with filtering limpets
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