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Automatic rack control of reverse osmosis plants

In most desalination plants, carrying out a routine analysis of each reverse osmosis rack can be a time consuming task.

With the DrinTec™ automatic rack control it is possible to automatically generate conductivity maps of the reverse osmosis racks.

It works with a series of high quality solenoid activated by a control software that opens them sequentially to allow for the permeated to pass through a conductivity meter.

The whole process is controlled through an industrial control system with a user-friendly menu that allows automatic or manual settings of sampling time, duration, tube number etc.

Conductivity maps of the racks are this way generated according to the needs of the operator. Files with the results obtained are compatible with most commonly used spreadsheets format.

The quality of the materials ensures its good performance in wet conditions and extreme corrosiveness, as is the case of reverse osmosis plants.

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