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Low-pressure Carbon Dioxide (CO2) dissolver in FRP

The desalinated water, due to its characteristics, it does not usually contain enough CO2 for a correct remineralization. DrinTec™ low-pressure CO2 dissolvers solve this problem by maximising CO2 dissolution without overdosing. Partial or complete pre-treatment with CO2 prior limestone contactors can be done.

The low-pressure CO2 dissolver system consists of the following elements:

  1. The dissolver tank:
    • The CO2 is dosed at counter-current
    • Water velocity inside the dissolver is such that the bubbles are not dragged away
    • The tank is pressurized
    • Has a special CO2 diffuser that provides very fine exudation in a very large diffuser area.
    • The dissolver has internal devices that facilitate the mixing of CO2 microbubbles.
    • Made with materials and adhesives approved for use in drinking water.
  2. The CO2 diffuser:
    • Large diffusers with fine pores and minimal differential pressure requirement.
    • It has a design that allows the application of substantial quantities of CO2.
    • Made with materials and adhesives approved for use in drinking water.
  3. The bubble visor:
    • Located along the wall of the tank as a semitransparent strip, allows to visualize the CO2 that is still in gaseous phase.

This development is based on a joint research project between the FCCA and the S.G. Of Water of Barcelona financed by the European Union.

Technical Specs:

  • Flow range per dissolver: 20 to 19,000 m³/d.
  • Flow direction: downflow
  • Maximum height: 5,750 mm
  • Diameters: 80-2000 mm
  • Pressure: 2,5 bar
  • Internal paint: for drinking water purpose
  • Bottom of the tank: Round with 3 legs
  • Tank upper side: Round with Ø32 mm flange
  • Material: FRP, painted with UV resistant resin
  • Manufacturing standard: UNE-EN-13121
  • Manufactured in Spain

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