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Since 2002, we have manufactured custom limestone contactors using the most efficient design for the remineralisation of soft or desalinated waters, based on our internal research and development

The DrinTec™ design of upflow limestone contactors of constant height simplifies the reload operation by means of feeding the granulated limestone continuously, under water and directly on to the limestone bed by a limestone feeding system, thus maintaining a constant bed height all the time.

It‘s a very effective system that operates continuously for many years without needing to perform a backwash.

Solutions for small and large-scale projects

Wide range of options to meet different requirements from 70 m³/d upwards:

  • Vertical tanks in FRP, Polypropylene or Steel
  • Horizontal tanks in FRP
  • Rectangular concrete cells
  • Containerised FRP tanks


Our research

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Books published on remineralisation and water treatment written by Manuel Hernandez Suarez


Published papers on remineralisation and water treatment in collaboration with our clients and collaborators


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