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About us

Experts in the design of upflow limestone contactors of constant height for the remineralisation of soft or desalinated water.

What we do?

  • Customized solutions to project requirements.
  • Projects from 70 m³/d upwards.

Why us?

  • Pioneers and innovators in efficient remineralisation solutions.
  • Worldwide expertise.
  • Technical support throughout the project.
  • Wide range of options to fit different requirements:
    • Vertical tanks in FRP, Polypropylene or Steel.
    • Horizontal tanks in FRP.
    • Rectangular concrete cells.
    • Containerised FRP tanks.

Validated performance

  • More than 100 plants designed and implemented worldwide: Spain, Greece, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Maldives, USA, Peru, Chile.
  • Equipment in continuous operation since 2004.

Drintec™ technology

  • Low operational cost.
  • Long life equipment (25+ years).
  • Very low or no energy consumption.
  • Constant quality without interruptions.
  • Consistent performance over the years.
  • Minimal and ease of maintenance.
  • Low or no automation.

Summary of consultancy services

  • Sizing of remineralisation plants for Capex and Opex optimisation.
  • Design of calcite bed remineralisation plants.
  • Water quality projections after remineralisation and estimation of chemical consumption.
  • Quality control of granulated calcite for use in water remineralisation.
  • Reports on remineralisation process options.

Canary Islands, Spain
+34 922 00 60 30

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